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Legitimacy of China’s Legal System and the Strength of the Chinese Communist Party
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This 5 page report discusses the facts that as China modernizes and becomes a more accepted partner in global enterprises and market opportunities, the Western world is more carefully evaluating the society that has evolved in modern China. The debates surrounding issues as varied as trade normalization, human rights violations, and whether or not China has any hope of hosting the Olympics, those in the debate repeatedly ask whether or not China has really changed (or is changing). Seeing how the Chinese government reacts to its own citizens who criticize it suggests that beneath the facade of international business, the totalitarian behemoth still lurks. In addition, the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) remains firmly in control of virtually all social, judicial, and political occurrences in the nation. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
Filename: BWchileg.wps

Literature of Marriage in China
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An 11 page paper examining 10 anthropologically-centered journal articles discussing studies and observations on Chinese marriage patterns. China existed as a closed society long before the advent of communism in 1949, both practically and philosophically. The traditional Chinese view is that their way is superior to all others, particularly in their family relationships. The economic changes resulting from greater opening of the country in the past generation have lead to changes in marriage patterns that have been dictated by tradition for thousands of years, as these 10 articles demonstrate. Bibliography lists 10 sources.
Filename: KSChinaMar.wps

Louise Levathes' "When China Ruled the Seas" and the Importance of Trade on Chinese History
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A 5 page paper which examines how trade significantly influenced Chinese history, according to Louise Levathes' 1994 book, "When China Ruled the Seas: The Treasure Fleet of the Dragon Throne 1405-1433." Bibliography lists 2 sources.
Filename: TGchisea.wps

Lun Yü of K'ung Fu-Tzu / Analects Of Confucius vs. Theories Of Plato
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An 8 page paper discussing the Lun Yu, also known as 'the Analects' of Confucius and comparing them to the views of Plato regarding the reformation of society. Bibliography lists five sources.
Filename: Lunyu.wps

Marketing QUALCOMM’s Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) in China
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This 19 page report discusses QUALCOMM of San Diego, California, that owns the patents that are essential to virtually all aspects of the CDMA wireless telecommunications standards that have been adopted or proposed for adoption by standards-setting bodies throughout the world. Since China does not make CDMA technology, U.S. communications and equipment suppliers such as QUALCOMM are likely to see their sales soar in China since it is widely agreed-upon that China is the world’s fastest-growing mobile telephone market. This paper discusses a number of aspects associated with marketing CDMA in China. Bibliography lists 11 sources.
Filename: BWqualco.wps

Michael Ondaatje's "Running In The Family": Heritage
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6 pages in length. Characteristically reminiscent of Ondaatje's heritage, "Running in the Family" clearly represents the author's personal perception of reality as it not only exists within his own mind, but also how it resides within the confines of society. While the story is intricately intertwined with both past and present, Ondaatje relishes the opportunity to weave a web of secrecy and illusion, not unlike the appearance of his own life. The writer discusses how the student might compare Ondaatje's story with her own. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
Filename: TLCondaa.wps

Military Strategists / Sun Tzu vs. Carl Von Clausewitz
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A 4 page paper that considers the military philosophies presented by Sun Tzu and Clausewitz and the similarities and differences that can be inferred from a comparison of their works. Bibliography lists 2 sources.
Filename: Artofwar.wps

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